Do you want to be a surrogate god for 5 minutes?

Surrogate God is a game different from any other "god simulator" you have tried.
It's a game about humor, full of narrative that borders on the absurd and with mechanics that lead to a frenetic game.
This game gives instant fun because of the 5 minutes games. But there are so many different situations that many games are needed to explore the variety of situations and to really be a good Surrogate God.

You only have one task

Be god

Game Mechanics

In Surrogate God we will be God's substitute for at least five minutes. During this time we will control a small planet with intention to help people through our decisions.
The goal is to get as many Points of Faith as possible in a limited time. The more points, the better we will have done our job as a surrogate. We get points by answering to the God Calls in which a believer in trouble raise us his situation and we have to make a decision to try to help him (increasing, if possible, our Points of Faith).
Besides, each God Call will also have a limited time. If we want to increase our Points of Faith we reach it by rotating the planet before it is too late. Reaching it does not guarantee success, it will depend on how appropriate is our divine intervention (our decision). It will not be easy to choose correctly!
Furthermore, we must not forget that evil will try to sabotage Surrogate God plans, sending his children to eliminate God Calls and steal your money. Luckily, fight evil and increase the faith of the people may be easier if we use the powers that God provides us and invest some money into the sanctuary...

Manage a planet

God goes to the bathroom because he is indisposed and leaves you over a planet. Sounds good, right?

¡Run! Time flies

You only have 5 minutes to do your job. Do the best you can, we don't want people to lose their faith.

Answer “God calls”

People needs you. Take care of their needs! A lot of funny and strange situations to be resolved are waiting for you.

Earn points of faith

If you do your job well, you will earn points of faith. It won’t be easy. You thought that being god it's simple?

It ain't easy being god...

... but it is wickedly funny.

The Team

Surrogate God is a video game developed by students in the Master's Degree in Game Development of the UCM during 2015. The team consists of two programmers and three designers . Also, we have had the help of external musicians and artists.

Samuel Alonso


Jonathan Esquinas




Gonzalo Fernández




Samuel Sánchez


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